How to Use Android Mobile As a Scanner


IHow to Use Android Mobile As a Scanner

In modern days the scanner is a really useful machine for daily school and office life. We need to scan different documents for a different purpose. But we do not carry a scanner in out pocket for daily lifes. So we need portability on scanning system, so different app developers made different apps for scanning document.

Best Scanner App For Android:

There is a different app in the market for scanning the documents. Many of them are good, but today I am telling you a scanner app name CamScanner


The are many scanner apps you can find in play store but which was I like the most is CamScanner and I personally use it. It is highly optimised scanner app and also mobile friendly. You can scan any documents as you wish and with different formats.


1.Quickly Digitize Document

You have to utilize only your telephone camera to filter and digitize a wide range of paper records: receipts, notes, solicitations, whiteboard dialogs, business cards, endorsements, and so forth.

2.Optimize Scan Quality

Shrewd trimming and auto upgrading guarantees the writings and designs in checked records are clear and sharp with premium hues and resolutions and so on.

3.Extract Texts from Image

OCR (optical character recognition) highlight perceives messages in record pictures and concentrate them from pictures for later looking, altering or sharing. (Premium as it were)

4.Share PDF/JPEG Files

Effectively share records in PDF or JPEG organize with companions through different ways: like internet based life, send connection or report download interface by means of email.

5.AirPrint and Fax Documents

You can in a split second print out any reports in CamScanner with the assistance of close-by printer by means of AirPrint; specifically select record and fax to more than 30 nations from the application.

6.Advanced Document Editing

Make comments on archives with a full arrangement of altering apparatuses. You can likewise including tweaked watermarks for your own records.

7.Quick Search

When you have numerous archives, you can utilize Tags to classify and effortlessly discover them. What’s more, OCR for Search encourages you discover messages inside picture and notes. Simply enter one watchword, you can rapidly discover the archive you need. (Registrants as it were)

8.Secure Important Documents

It can ensure your secret documentd, you can set a watchword for your imperative reports; likewise, while sending record download interface, you would seta be able to  passcode to shield from others.

Important note:

If you use free version of the app then you get watermark so you need to buy the premium version of the app or you may be use the crack.


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