how to create download button in blogger


how to create download button in blogger

Hi guy’s today I am going to show you how to create download button in blogger. Every time when you make downloading site like movie downloading,song downloading, software downloading any other kind of downloading site you need a download button. But when you put pic of download button download from internet you may get copywriter strike because you are not the owner of the button picture. But with the help of code you can create a beautiful download button for your downloading site.

How to create download button:

First : Go to the blogger post and chose the post where you want to make the download button.
Second : Now copy and paste the code of download button given below and replace your download URL with this given URL.
Download button code: 
<a href=”“>

<input type=”button” value=” Download “/>

Third : before paste the code code on blogger post always chose HTML format of the post then paste the code.
Fourth : Now just press the published button, that’s it here is your download button ready.
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